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5 vs 5
Belgian College League Season 3
16/16 Teams
Quick details
  • Check-In
    08/02/2021 18:00 CEST
  • Start
    08/02/2021 19:00 CEST
  • League of Legends
  • 16/16
  • Round Robin
    Single Elimination
  • PC
  • Online
General information

For the 3rd year running, colleges and universities will compete against each other in League of Legends and FIFA.

The season will start in February with a round robin into playoff-stage. The finals will be played around May at an offline event where the students will face off on the big stage in front of a crowd if... you know... corona allows it.

Here's how it went down in the previous seasons:

University Esports Masters 2021
This year we get to send up to 2 Belgian teams to the European Champions for students! The prizepool has been increased to €15 000 soooo get back to the grind.

For every win, each player gets 200 College Coins to spend in the BCL Marketplace. A win is already enough for you to get a burger at Burger King! But you can save up for much more aswell.

Groups (Single Round Robin BO1)
Matchweek 1:  8 February - 14 February 
Matchweek 2: 15 February - 21  February
Matchweek 3: 22 February - 28  February
Matchweek 4: 1 March - 7 March
Matchweek 5: 8 March - 14 March
Matchweek 6: 15 March -  21 March
Matchweek 7: 22 March -  28 March 
Top 3 of each group play the UE League qualifier on 30th and 31st of March.
Top 4 of each group advance to the BCL playoffs.

Playoffs (Single Eimination BO3)
Quarterfinals: 29 March -  11 April
Semifinals: 12 April - 25 April
Finals: 16 May 2021 (Online) (UEM Last Chance Qualifier)

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